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Taiwan’s Third Largest City: A Great Place for Coffee

Another coffee shop to check out is Who Together — a café that’s almost magical because it’s nearly hidden behind the garden trees. To discover it, you have to look for a feline or two. Expect a café filled with cuteness, as cats freely roam the area. Inside is a pastel-colored haven and feline illustrations fill the walls. You can take a seat on a tatami mat to enjoy your refreshments. Of course, the coffee here adds to the “zen” atmosphere with the slightly acidic taste coming from the Ethiopian and El Salvadoran beans they use.

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Galangal benefits – how to use it best?

Galanga or galangal is native to southeast Asia, where it has been an important part of many Asian cultures. Traditionally, galanga is used as a flavoring spice in the cuisines of Thailand, Indonesia, Malaysia, and China. Galangal is an ancient herb that’s been famous for centuries for its ability to treat various medical conditions.

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