What are the Best Teas to Drink during the day?


What are the Best Teas to Drink during the day?

When it comes to energy, most people reach for a cup of coffee or espresso. But did you know that you can boost energy levels by drinking a cup of tea too? The benefit of tea is that it contains compounds that coffee doesn’t, which makes that energy boost even better.


When to drink tea: What Are the Best Teas to Drink During the Day?


1. At what time of the day should I drink tea?

This is one of the most frequently asked questions of beginning tea lovers. You might expect a quick and short answer, but the reality is that there’s much more things to consider.

it’s the best to consume tea after a breakfast or lunch

Tea has two benefits that can help you decide during which time of a day you should have tea.

It supports your digestive system
It contains caffeine that can increase energy levels

Given the above it makes sense to take tea when such benefits come in handy. For most people energy levels are low in the morning and after meals. Therefore, it’s the best to consume tea after a breakfast or lunch. The general consensus is about 20 minutes after a meal, but this figure might be different based on personal conditions.


2. These are the best teas for different times of the day

2.1. Morning Tea

Drinking red tea in the morning is best because red tea promotes blood circulation. Every day after eating breakfast, it’s a good idea to drink a cup of red tea with or without milk. It should be noted that tea should be drunk after eating breakfast. Tea leaves contain caffeine, which can be excessively absorbed into the stomach if it is empty. This can result in heart palpitation, frequent urination, and other abnormal symptoms.

If you enjoy having a cup of tea in the morning, try reaching for one of these:

  • White tea — While white tea has some caffeine, it doesn’t contain as much as coffee. It also has a lighter flavour than black tea, so it may be a little easier on your stomach first thing.
  • English Breakfast tea — This is a black tea blend that has a kick of caffeine and lots of flavour.
  • Matcha — Made from a powder of green tea leaves, matcha is rich in antioxidants.

If you enjoy drinking black teas, just be mindful of having it at meal time. This is because tannins in tea can affect iron absorption.


When to drink tea: What Are the Best Teas to Drink During the Day?


2.2. Afternoon Tea

In the afternoon, one should drink tea around 3 p.m. This is because at this time, it can play a role in adjusting the body’s system. It can also help to ward off chilliness in the winter. This is the best time of the day to drink the kind of tea that is commonly known as afternoon tea.
Drink green tea in the afternoon. Polyphenols are abundant in green tea, which have anti-oxidation and anti-inflammatory effects on the body. The tea leaves are also rich in Vitamin E, which has an anti-aging effect. Green tea, such as tieguanyin, is dry and cooling, which helps to filter out toxins in the liver while helping to relive urinary infections.

These are a few tea varieties you can choose from, depending on whether you like an early or late afternoon tea.

  •  Black tea — Because of the caffeine in black tea, it might be best to have it earlier in the afternoon so it doesn’t affect your sleep.
  • Green tea — If you struggle to focus in the afternoon, green tea can help! It contains L-theanine, an amino acid which can help your brain to focus.
  • Herbal teas — Having a herbal tea later in the afternoon can help curb sugar cravings. Some varieties, like ginger tea, can also help get your digestive enzymes working after lunch.


When to drink tea: What Are the Best Teas to Drink During the Day?


2.3. Evening Tea

The right time to drink tea in the evening is around 8:30 p.m. Many people have the wrong impression about drinking tea in the evening. They worry that it may affect their sleep. In fact, this is the most active time of the human immune system. Drinking tea at this time can repair the body, as well as restore the immune system.

Do not drink green tea at night because it is not a fermented tea. It can stimulate the body to a certain extent. Black tea is recommended, especially the ripe Pu’er. This kind of tea is soothing and will not affect your sleep. Drinking tea after dinner can also help to prevent the accumulation of body fats, as well as soothe the stomach and aid your digestion. You might also long for a cup of tea after dinner.

However, the side effect is that this might not be beneficial to your sleep due to caffeine. Thus, for evenings we highly suggest a herbal tea such as a Chinese flower tea such as Chrysanthemum tea, that actually helps you calm down and sleep better. If avoiding tea during the late hours ruins your evening, then try to steep a cup with shorter steeping time. This will result in less caffeine extraction. In theory, decreasing steeping time also results in less caffeine, but this will result in a less optimal taste. To know which types of tea to drink requires the knowledge of tea dialogue. It is just like getting to know a friend; after learning about their experiences, you will understand and get along with them better.

While tea has lots of benefits, make sure you are still drinking plenty of water too. What are some of your favourite tea varieties? 

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