Taiwan’s Third Largest City: A Great Place for Coffee


Taiwan’s Third Largest City: A Great Place for Coffee

When one thinks of places to visit in Taiwan, Taipei comes to mind first. Not only is it the main hub of the country, but it is also home to many restaurants, night markets, and food stalls. As for coffee, one would say the city has enough variety to enjoy for the average coffee lover. But if you’re a coffee enthusiast, there’s another place to check out besides the capital – Taichung.

Recently, a surge of development has been taking place in Taichung. The city has been redefining its cultural identity, one that is more diverse than before. As a result, restaurants, cafes, and coffee shops particularly are popping up in all corners of the city. Here are some of the best coffee places to check out while in Taichung.

The Factory Roastery

Scott Chen, barista-roaster and owner, brings local coffee roasters, Mojo Coffee, close to patrons through the Factory Roastery. The inside is tidy and clean, accented by the natural sunlight, white walls, and warm wood. Take a seat at one of the round tables or sit at the table facing the lawn, and enjoy your coffee. And since it acts as Mojo’s headquarters, customers will enjoy a cup of joe while taking a gander at the wonderful selection of beans on display here.

The menu is coffee-centric, but they do offer a few selections such as waffles and cookies to accompany your drink. On the second floor is the roastery, which goes through a lot of direct trade beans a month. Cappuccino? Filter brew? Be it the flavors of Guatemala, Costa Rica, or Nicaragua, the Factory Roastery has a taste you’ll love.


Taiwan’s Third Largest City: A Great Place for Coffee

The Factory Roastery is home to local coffee roasters Mojo Coffee


Coffee Stopover

When you enter Coffee Stopover, the first thing you’ll notice is the kitchen doubling as the seating area. For espressos, customers will be able to see how baristas prepare them, brewed and hand dripped, while latte and cappuccino orders are prepared along the back wall.

In Coffee Stopover, you have five strengths of coffee to choose from. The staff use the best Ethiopian Robusta and Arabica beans and roast them in-house. Coffee, tea, coffee-tea combos, and AeroPress, which includes the eccentric coffee-tea soda drink, are the categories to select from the menu. Of course, coffee is best served with some sweets! Cakes and cookies are available as well.

The place is a little cramped, though, but definitely, it’s one of the charms. If you want to take a seat in a spacious area, then head upstairs. Overall, Coffee Stopover is an interesting place to get your coffee — clanging equipment, the blending and changing of aromas, and the staff meticulously preparing the orders in a perfect example of organized chaos. Take note, if you’re on the lookout for a quick sip, then you’re in the wrong place as the coffee orders here are meticulously crafted.

Who Together

Another coffee shop to check out is Who Together — a café that’s almost magical because it’s nearly hidden behind the garden trees. To discover it, you have to look for a feline or two. Expect a café filled with cuteness, as cats freely roam the area. Inside is a pastel-colored haven and feline illustrations fill the walls. You can take a seat on a tatami mat to enjoy your refreshments. Of course, the coffee here adds to the “zen” atmosphere with the slightly acidic taste coming from the Ethiopian and El Salvadoran beans they use.


Taiwan’s Third Largest City: A Great Place for Coffee

To discover Who Together, you have to look for a feline or two


There are more coffee shops to try in Taichung: Ohana and its generally friendly atmosphere, Bluesomeone’s Vegan Café for vegetarians, the minimalist Hausinc Café, and more. Taichung is certainly a coffee lover’s paradise!





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