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The taste of Tea

A sensitive heart tastes the soul of the tea. When drinking tea with a clean and quiet heart, the tea reflects the gradual disappearance of sentiments. The soul of tea is the heart of discovery. If you see your heart, you see the life of the tea. Tasting tea during a time of separation, I understood the soul of tea more deeply.

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Talking about tea

The ancient standard for good tea was that the first grade tea grew in gaps between rocks and was taken care of by heaven. The second grade tea grew on soil-covered rocks and was also taken care of by heaven. The third and lower grades of tea were cultivated.

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A glass of Lemon tea

Afterwards, the girl went home and tried to make a glass of lemon tea.  She quietly observed those lemon slices in the glass and patiently waited for a best result.  She saw the lemon slices breathing and expanding in the clear water.  She was touched, because she could feel the soul of the lemon being expanded and released.

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Taking a look at Tea

The flavor of green tea depends on the choice of the leaves used, the growing region and also the length of storage. A Chinese friend told me that I could “revive” tealeaves that have been stored too long by heating them in the oven for a while before brewing. This, when brewed, would result in a better cup of old tea.

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From Chinese Antiquity, Tea Has a Long History

Tea first became a beverage during the Han Dynasty (202 B.C. – A.D. 220), especially among scholars. Due to the increase in tea consumption at that time, tea rituals at the imperial court gradually developed. When the emperor invited scholars to a reception, he served tea as a sign of strong appreciation.

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