A glass of Lemon tea


A glass of Lemon tea

A couple was arguing in a coffee shop and did not want to compromise with each other. The boyfriend walked away with anger, while the girlfriend stayed, alone, in tears.

A glass of Lemon tea

Cool off with Lemonade and Iced Tea


The annoyed girl was restlessly stirring the cold lemon tea.  She used the spoon to vigorously crush the lemon slices which had a zest.  The lemon slices and the zests were smashed into a mess that caused a taste of bitterness in the tea.

The girl asked a waiter to give her another glass of lemon tea with no zest.  The waiter glanced at the girl without saying anything.  He took away the glass of the messy tea and replaced with a glass of cold lemon tea with zest.

The annoyed girl became furious and blamed the waiter, “I told you to remove the lemon zest.  Didn’t you understand what I said?”

The waiter who had bright eyes, looked at her quietly and said calmly, “Don’t be upset.  After a while, the zest of the lemon will be completely absorbed by the water.  Its bitterness will melt into the tea and that will bring up a clear and sweet taste.  Isn’t that what you want? So, don’t panic.  Don’t expect to squeeze all the scent from the lemon within 3 minutes. Otherwise, you’ll make the tea into a bitter mess.”

The girl was stunned and touched.  She looked into the waiter’s eyes and asked, “Then, how long does it take to extract the scent of the lemon completely?”

The waiter smiled and said, “Twelve hours.  The lemon will
completely release the essence of its life.  After twelve hours, you’ll get the most delicious taste of lemon tea, provided that you have waited patiently for twelve hours.”

The waiter paused and continued, “It’s not only a matter of making tea, but also a matter of removing annoyances in life.  If you can pay twelve hours of endurance and patience, you’ll find that things are not as bad as you thought.”

The girl asked, “Are you giving me a hint?”  

The waiter smiled, “I’m teaching you how to make a glass of lemon tea. It can be a hint leading to a beautiful life.”

The girl stared at the glass of lemon tea and sank into thought.


A glass of Lemon tea

Afterwards, the girl went home and tried to make a glass of lemon tea.  She quietly observed those lemon slices in the glass and patiently waited for a best result.  She saw the lemon slices breathing and expanding in the clear water.  She was touched, because she could feel the soul of the lemon being expanded and released.  Nevertheless, she waited patiently for twelve hours. She tasted the lemon tea and could tell that it was the best tea in the world.

The girl came to understand that the reason why the lemon tea tasted so great was that the lemon had fully devoted itself to the tea.  

Her doorbell rang.  The girl opened the door and saw the boy standing out there.  He held a bundle of lovely roses in his arms.  He asked her, “Can you forgive me?”

The girl smiled and pulled him into the room.  She offered a glass of lemon tea and said, “Let’s have an agreement.  In future, no matter how annoyed we are, we must not lose our tempers.  We must calm down to think about a glass of lemon tea.”

“Why we must think about a glass of lemon tea?” The boy was a bit puzzled.

The girl replied, “Because, we need to wait patiently for twelve hours.”

Since then, the girl applied the philosophy of patience to her life.  She’s gained happiness and pleasure that she had never had in the past.  She peacefully tastes the wonderful lemon tea and a wonderful life.  She remembers what the waiter said, “If you try to forcibly squeeze a lemon into tea within three minutes, you’ll find that the tea will become bitter and messy.”

Life is like the tea.  You have to wait patiently and carefully taste it.  It will bring you a wonderful time.  



However, don’t try to wait too long.  Otherwise, the taste of the lemon tea will go flat, because it has been made to wait too long.  Therefore, in your life, don’t make yourself or other people wait too long.  Otherwise, your life will become dull and tasteless.   

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