Butterfly Pea Blue Tea


Butterfly Pea Blue Tea

The Butterfly Pea Blue Tea, on its own, has little flavor, but knowing all the health benefits and the idea of slurping up an electric blue beverage is enough for you to want to drink the whole cup. It sure is magic tea!

Health benefits

Butterfly Pea Blue Tea is full of antioxidants and anthocyanins that provides the blue color, which translates into a number of health benefits:

  • Improves circulation
  • Boosts collagen production to prevent premature aging
  • A memory enhancer
  • A stress alleviator
  • Lifts your mood and treats depression and anxiety
  • Balances sugar levels
  • Improves hair growth
  • Prevents hair loss and greying
  • Contains anti-cancer properties
  • Maintains a healthy skin glow
  • Treats urinary problems
  • Improves eye and night vision
  • Treats eye infections
  • Detoxifies the body
  • Enhances the immune system
  • Treats asthma and epilepsy
  • The roots are a treatment for whooping cough


Butterfly Pea Blue Tea

The Butterfly Pea plant’s botanical name is Clitoria ternatea. It is a part of the pea family that is known as Fabaceae. It is a native plant to South Asia. Known in Malaysia as Bunga Telang or Blue Pea, other common names are Asian Pigeonwings, Blue Bell Vine, and Darwin Pea.

Its flowers are singular, deep blue with a dash of yellow on the petals. Flowers are 4 cm by 3 cm and pods are 5-7 cm. There are some varieties that have white flowers. The flowers and pods are edible. It is a hardy plant that likes to trail around a fence post and then surprise you when it blooms. To make Butterfly Pea Blue Tea, use 5 to 10 dried flowers to a cup or teapot and add boiling water. You can also make the tea in cold, tepid, or hot water. Allow the flower to disperse its color into the teapot or cup.

My experience of adding the Butterfly Pea Blue Tea to my diet is a positive one. I feel livelier and wake up easier in the mornings. I had difficulty focusing on writing and on messages on my iPhone due to too much computer usage. However, when I started drinking the Butterfly Pea Blue Tea regularly, my problem disappeared. I’ve also experienced great improvement in my eyesight in a relatively small amount of time.

Everyone is different and although Butterfly Pea Blue Tea gave us great results, it is not a quick fix and may not work for everyone. I hope everyone enjoys using the Butterfly Pea Blue Tea for its health benefits and blue color that seems to brighten up the day. Also, don’t forget to share with your family and friends it’s entertaining, magical transformation to a brilliant purple!

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