Cola Nitida


Cola Nitida


1.      History and use


Kola nuts have always been used by Africans as a stimulant, anti-fatigue and even aphrodisiac, and exchanges between South and North Africa as they still exist today for. Cola nut have was described very well by René Caillé, the first European explorer who was able to enter Timbuktu, a forbidden city in describes in detail the aspect, the color of the fresh walnuts which are used alone that aging 1830. He causes the redness of the nuts and becomes inactive. When we see again the precaution with which buyers choose their Kola nuts in the street markets, we can understand the justification given by the traditions to employment of a popular medicine.


Cola Nitida


2.      Description of the plant


It is a tree 5 to 10 meters high with a straight trunk, the leaves are ovate and have a long petiole. The flowers are grouped in yellow clusters. The fruits are formed of five carpels of about 16 centimeters in length and contain 4 to 5 seeds improperly called kola nuts. Almonds are divided into two cotyledons. You can have nuts more or less red depending on variety or conservation.


Cola Nitida


3.      Curative action


The composition of kola nuts is well elucidated, is caffeine, xanthine responsible, as for coffee, for the stimulating action on the nervous system, but this action is less brutal and more prolonged by the fact that caffeine in the fresh walnut is combined with it base which is tannins that allow a slow release of it into the body. The use by Africans of the fresh walnut joins the scientific observation.


4.      Uses


  • Nervous Stimulant – Hypnofuge


Eat a small piece of nuts a day.


  • Toothbrush


Small roots sold on the market are used to clean teeth.



Hạt Kola luôn được người Châu Phi sử dụng như một chất kích thích, chống mệt mỏi và thậm chí là thuốc kích thích tình dục, và giao lưu giữa Nam và Bắc Phi như chúng vẫn tồn tại cho đến ngày nay.


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