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The Benefits of Garlic Juice

Garlic is grown and eaten in almost every region of the world because of its taste, of course, but also the myriad of benefits it is found in abundance in Chinese cuisine or that of the perimeter of the Mediterranean basin. The bulb of garlic consists of several cloves wrapped in a parchment-shaped tunic. usually about 5 cm high and as wide.

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Cola Nitida

Kola nuts have always been used by Africans as a stimulant, anti-fatigue and even aphrodisiac, and exchanges between South and North Africa as they still exist today for. Cola nut have was described very well by René Caillé, the first European explorer who was able to enter Timbuktu, a forbidden city in describes in detail the aspect, the color of the fresh walnuts which are used alone that aging 1830. He causes the redness of the nuts and becomes inactive. When we see again the precaution with which buyers choose their Kola nuts in the street markets, we can understand the justification given by the traditions to employment of a popular medicine.

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