Upgrade Your Productivity With These 12 Herbal Teas


Upgrade Your Productivity With These 12 Herbal Teas

Why shouldn’t you upgrade your productivity by drinking some teas that actually work? If you think coffee is the only solution to work for the grind, you might have to think again. Did you know that herbal teas and green tea are better when it comes to focus, mood, and energy? Get started with the following list of 12 herbal teas that actually work to help you get through the daily hustle and grind.

1. Jasmine green

You’ll love this tea if you’re looking to up your energy levels to deal with a challenging and tough day. It will give you a kick to deal with your challenges with loads of vigor and energy for that productive day. Make it more exciting with some honey and almond milk.

2. Chi

You’ll never go wrong with a cup of Chi tea, which will keep your energy level up to get your tasks done. So when looking to add something to your productivity kit, you should definitely add Chi tea, which can keep your mind and body alert throughout the day.

3. Asparagus

Well, it doesn’t sound like it would be your favorite tea, but it is what you need to stay on track with your daily grind for its ability to boost your energy and motivation levels. It is also relaxing and will keep stress at bay, especially when you need to focus and prevent distractions. Make it a bit more exciting with a teaspoon of honey or agave.

4. Turmeric

Who hasn’t heard of the refreshing and invigorating tea that can keep your mind active and alert all day? Instead of coffee, you should drink up a cup of turmeric tea, which can help you keep up with the grind.

Upgrade Your Productivity With These 12 Herbal Teas

Turmeric tea

5. Honey lavender

Stress is inevitable, but you can do something about it with this calming and refreshing herbal tea.  With it, you can achieve focus, be able to set your priorities, and get the job done without much distraction. The soothing tea can also help you clear up your tasks easier because it can make you feel less stressed no matter the challenges you’ll face on a given day.

6. Ginger turmeric

It is one of the most helpful teas regarding productivity boost because it can improve your energy and concentration. So no matter how heavy your workload is, you can stay calm and focused by drinking this invigorating and mind-boosting tea.

7. Yerba mate

This energy-giving tea is a favorite among those who want to stay on track with their to-do lists and accomplish those with sustained energy levels. This popular drink, especially in Brazil, can relieve physical and mental fatigue, improve mood, and reduce inflammation as well. Get your job done with this energizing South American tea.

Upgrade Your Productivity With These 12 Herbal Teas

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8. Passion flower

You’ll love this tea if you want to increase your energy and feel good. It is great whether hot or cold. This tea contains bioactive compounds that promote a calming effect. Some of these include passiflorine and flavonoids.

9. Black and white

This tea is a great alternative for herbal teas if you’re looking for one that can increase your productivity levels. Black tea, in particular, is helpful for individuals trying to skip coffee or any other highly caffeinated drinks. For those sensitive to caffeine, they opt for white tea, which contains lower caffeine versus black tea, which is also more bitter and stronger than white tea.

10. Guayusa

This tea contains energy and productivity-boosting chemicals, including L-theanine, which has a calming effect, and Theobromine, which has focus-boosting effects. What’s more is that the tea also contains loads of antioxidants that can reduce inflammation and stress. When combined, all these properties can make you more productive with reduced stress levels. This tea is also less bitter than other non-herbal teas and Yerba Mate.

Upgrade Your Productivity With These 12 Herbal Teas

Guayusa tea

11. Ginseng

For energy drinkers, this tea is a popular choice. Ginseng is native to Eastern Asia and North America and is known to improve mental focus and speed up metabolism. If you would like to boost your immune system and prevent colds and flu in the winter, you might also want to consider ginseng tea.

12. St. John’s Wort

This tea is ideal if you are suffering from depression, which can hinder your productivity and motivation. With it, you can also boost long-term memory and reduce stress levels.

Final thoughts

By drinking herbal teas, you can improve productivity and energy levels in the most natural way! Try any of the teas featured above and notice a big difference in how you are able to deal with your daily grind easier and with a better mood and focus.


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