Ageratum Conyzoids


Ageratum Conyzoids


History And Use


This herb gives off a scent when we crumple the leaves and this explains its use in medico – magic treatments and mental illnesses, it’s also used for eye diseases in instillations, on burns and in pneumonia by rubbing breast.


Description Of The Plant


It is an annual upright grass up to 50 cm tall. The opposite leaves touch. The flowers gather in small purple or pale blue heads. The crumpled plant gives off a are soft to the characteristic odor.


Ageratum Conyzoids


Curative Action


The entire plant contains including phenols (ageratochromene and conyzorigum) an essential oil other and products. The essence is antibacterial, especially on staphylococcus aureus. On the other hand, an extract of Ageratum conyzoids showed antihelmintic activity a in vitro but the antidiarrheal action seems rather to be due to a direct effect on the intestinal mucosa rather than to its pest control action.





As the name suggests, fumigating the leaves purifies the house and chases evil spirits according to the old ones.


Put a drop of juice from the leaves into eye instillations.

Pneumonia – Injuries

Rub the patient’s chest with the leaves and also disinfect the burns and wounds.


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