Paullinia Cupana


Paullinia Cupana


1.      History and use


It was the American Indians of the Tupi-Guarani branch who discovered the properties of guarana a long time ago, its seeds were already used in herbal medicine in pre-Columbian times (more than 2,000 years BC), to combat fatigue and control appetite, during times of famine or long expeditions the forest. In Europe, guarana was discovered in the nineteenth century, but it quickly becomes popular and is consumed as a drink.


2.      Description of the plant


Guarana is a shrub originally found in the Brazilian Amazon. This small shrub is climbing, with alternate leaves, it looks like a liana that climbs along the other trees. The flowers are greenish and The fruit is a red membranous capsule with containing a black and oval seed. These fruits are harvested in September and then dried before three compartments, each the seeds are removed. In herbal medicine, only the seeds contained in dried fruit, this seed looks like coffee.


Paullinia Cupana


3.      Curative action


  • Internal use

Stimulating properties due to a high rate of caffeine, fat burning, increased basal cell metabolism, general stimulant of the body, neurostimulant, euphoric, thermoregulatory; satiety regulator, diuretic, anti-neuralgic, antidiarrheal, cardiac tonic.


  • Usual therapeutic indications

Physical and intellectual stimulant in case of fatigue or intellectual intense activity (physical and asthenia), guarana improves endurance and increases cognitive abilities such as concentration and memory; promotes digestion in case of bloating, facilitates slimming treatments and helps to fight against intestinal disorders, diarrhea and hypotension.


4.      Uses


Guarana consumption should be adapted by everyone, depending on their tolerance to caffeine. To avoid overdose, it is recommended to take the minimum doses prescribed and gradually increase them. In Brazil, it is common to consume daily 4 to 8 g of guarama powder, diluted in a glass of water or a fruit juice.

The maximum caffeine dosages recommended are: for children: 2.5 mg per kilo, for pregnant women: 300 mg, for adults: 400 to 450 mg Guarana is an exciting, it is recommended to consume it before 4 pm. In capsules: the caffeine content may vary depending pon the chosen commercial reparation.It can range from 75 to 250 mg per dose.

Guarana provides extra strength and vitality, endurance and energy, while reducing signs of fatigue, so it promotes athletic performance, one to two hours before training, take 2 to 5 g of guarana powder, to be limited to two or three times a week to avoid habituation.

Guarana acts on fatigue, body temperature and burning of fat, it helps to activate fat loss and reduce appetite, while reducing fatigue Take 1 or 2 g of guarana powder per day, before meals, for four to six weeks.

For a stimulating effect, fight against temporary tiredness, increase intellectual attention, reduce blood pressure or headaches, take 450 to 500 mg of powder diluted in water or fruit juice.


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