The miraculous benefits of onions


The miraculous benefits of onions


1.      Abcess

Crush the onion and put it in a compress to apply on the abscess. This compresses it to ripen.


2.      Anemia

The onion has a soothing and invigorating effect on the nerves.

Helps the organs that make red blood cells to make healthy cells and avoid them alterations of the leucocyte balance.


3.      Asthma

Boil in water for 10 minutes 2 to 3 tablespoons chopped onion.

Take one cup in the morning on an empty stomach and another in the evening (sugar, honey).


4.      Azotemia or Uremia

By its purifying and purifying role, the onion is an excellent adjuvant in the treatment of excess urea. Raw onion juice cures for a week.


5.      Burn

On a burn, apply crushed and salted onion.


6.      Headache

Crush the leaves of the plant ‘Yra’ scientific name Clausena anisata (Rutaceae) with those of the onion and instill it in the nostrils.


7.      Hair loss

Mix onion, salt and pepper well crushed with shea butter and pass through the hair.


The miraculous benefits of onions


8.      Constipation

Boil a chopped onion for 10 to 15 minutes in honey-sweetened water and drink a glass, 2 times a day.


9.      Diabetes

Make an onion cure.


10.  Diarrhea


Boil 2 large onions or 3 mediums in one liter of water for ten minutes and let infuse a quarter of an hour. Put with expression and sweeten with honey. Take a beer glass 3 times by fasting day.


11.  Diarrhea infants

To infuse, for 2 hours, 3 tablespoons chopped onion in a half liter of boiling water and to sweeten with honey.


12.  Physical depression

Much use of onions, at any age, during periods of physical depression, when extra effort is needed. Onion and honey are particularly indicated to learners during the examination period.


13.  Dyspepsia

Infuse in a covered container for 30 minutes 5 to 6 tablespoons chopped onions in less than 1/2 1/2 cup of boiling water, sweet beer of a spoonful at, coffee of honey, this every hour.


14.  Enteritis and Colitis

Mix one tablespoon of onion juice with a tablespoon of honey. Stir and drink, away from meals 3 times a day.

Do not extract onion juice too much a long time in advance.


The miraculous benefits of onions


15.  Epistaxis

Make onions of onions that have just been cut and aspirate the juice from time to time.


16.  Fatigue

Decoction of a large chopped onion in three (3) glasses of water. After cooking, there is about a glass of decoction to drink in the morning on an empty stomach.


17.  Strong fever

Put the patient’s feet up to his ankle in fifteen (15) handfuls of finely chopped onions, the fever will drop very quickly while waiting for a medical consultation.


18.  Boils

Make a poultice of cooked onions on the diseased part to promote the release of pus.


19.  Hemorrhoids

Cook a pounded onion with shea oil and make cold plasters.


20.  Hypertension

Onion and garlic dissolve deposits that harden the arteries and clean the fatty deposits that line the arterial walls and prevent arterial occlusion.

All the days simply take-boiled onions at breakfast and lunch.


21.  Impotence

The onion has its indication if the impotence comes from a nervous breakdown, from a depression, if it is only a sign of asthenia. onion + lemon juice + honey.


The miraculous benefits of onions


22.  Panaris

Enforcer sick finger in hot onion juice.

Making hot poultices of cooked onions on the affected part.


23.  Intoxications

Absorb some freshly expressed juice of raw onion, pure or with added honeydew.


24.  Toothache

Introduce into the pain cavity a tampon soaked with onion juice to soothe pain while consulting the dentist.


25.  Migraine

Put on the affected part a poultice of crushed onion.

Breathe a tench of cut onion, massage the temples and forehead and relax.


26.  Dog or cat bite

The crushed raw onion poultice disinfects and heals the wound.


27.  Snake bites

Make the patient eat a mixture of onion juice + securidaca powder.


The miraculous benefits of onions


28.  Obesity

Eating a lot of raw onions in salads and in all dishes. Onion actives are effective at dissolving superfluous fat and regulating metabolism.Onion is a good depurative of toxins.


29.  Palpitation

Emphasize raw onion in everyday food.


30.  Cancer prevention

Emphasize raw onion in everyday food.


31.  Prostate

The onion supplements the effect of magnesium and salts, promotes the retrocession distention of the prostate.

The cure consists of consuming 2 to 4 large raw onions per day for months by interrupting one week a month for a beginning of the evil.


32.  Rheumatism

Boil 3 large uncooked onions but chopped in one liter of water for 10 minutes. Drink one cup in the morning on an empty stomach and another in the evening.


33.  Cold

Take 2 to 5 tablespoons of onion syrup + lemon juice a day but remember that you have to let the cold run because it is a natural purification process.


34.  Cough

Bake a large onion in the oven or ashes, dilute it in hot honey-sweetened water, drink a cup, away from meals 3 times a day.


35.  Freckles

Rub the affected area with chopped and chopped onion that has been macerated for 20 minutes in lemon juice.


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