Balanites Aegyptiaca Benefits


Balanites Aegyptiaca Benefits




All organs of this plant are used in traditional medicine. The bark macerated is used in colic, jaundice and as antivenom and vermifuge. The stems after removal of thorns are used as toothbrush and sold on all. But it is the fruit that is widely used as a food because of its carbohydrates and vitamins. In traditional medicine, we drink an aqueous decoction of this fruit purgative and vermifuge or in the treatment of stomach disorders. A concentrated decoction of fruit thrown in water can be used to asphyxiate fish and fish more. The almond contains an oil that sometimes replaces peanut oil in Africa.




It is a thorny tree 8 to 9 meters high. The bark of the trunk is deeply striated. The ends of the branches have long straight. The leaves greenish – yellow flowers are found in the axils of the leaves. The fruits are drupes 3 to 4 centimeters long ovoid green to yellow which can be sucked like sweets. They contain an almond rich in oil.


Balanites Aegyptiaca Benefits




The fruit contains a lot of carbohydrates and vitamins, so justifies its name of desert date. It is also very popular with children and adults. On the other hand, the pulp of this fruit contains a saponoside, diosgenine, in an important quantity which explains the two traditional uses: anti-inflammatory by rubbing the juice on the inflamed parts and also being able to asphyxiate on the fish by making a decoction of this fruit thrown in the water of the ponds. This decoction can kill the molluscs responsible for spreading schistosomiasis, the stems removed from the thorns are used to remove tartar from the teeth but do not contain antibacterial principles.




  • Food: Suck fruits sold in markets for their richness in vitamins and carbohydrates.


  • Anti-inflammatory: MolluscideSqueeze the fruit juice or make a concentrated decoction and rub the inflamed part to calm the pain. Then discard this decoction in the dry season in stagnant water to kill the molluscs.


  • Toothbrush: Cut a stem of Balanites aegyptiaca, remove thorns and rub their teeth one hour a day for normal hygiene.


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