Mangifera Indica


Mangifera Indica


1.      History and use


In all tropical countries, the mango tree from India has a reputation for anti-diarrhea, mainly leaves and bark, and recently a specialty containing Mango leaf extract has beenmarketed in Zaire.


2.      Description of the plant


 The mango tree can grow up to 20 m tall, with a stocky bole and a dense foliage shading the villages, the grafted subjects are smaller, the leaves with the smell of turpentine are elongated, and the fruits or mangoes are much appreciated.


Mangifera Indica


3.      Curative action


The highly studied leaves on the chemical level contain up to 10% gallic tannins, responsible for the antidiarrheal action. Various flavonoids also explain the diuretic action.


4.      Uses


  • Diarrhea

By decoction or maceration of 30 g of bark or leaves in one liter of water, we obtain an antidiarrheal solution to drink during the day.


  • Diùrétique

A decoction of 30 g of leaves in one liter of water increases diuresis, to drink during the day.





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