Amazing Health Benefits of Pomegranate


Amazing Health Benefits of Pomegranate


Pomegranate has been widely used for medicinal purposes abundantly over hundreds of years. Consumed in the form of supplements, juices, extracts and, of course, the fruit itself, pomegranate can be a great addition to your daily diet.


1. History And Use

Pomegranate is the fruit of the pomegranate, a tree of the family Lythraceae, once considered the favorite fruit of Egyptian gods, it is very popular today for its many virtues, especially cardiovascular Rich in vitamin C and in antioxidants, it is invigorating and can be consumed in the form of fresh fruit or transformed into juice.


  • Description Of The Plant

The pomegranate is a shrub of the family of lythraceae, native to the Middle East and the Mediterranean Basin, but now cultivated in all warm or temperate regions, for its fruits with many virtues or for the beauty of its flowers The best pomegranates are harvested in countries with dry climate and mild winters, such as California, Africa.The juicy pulp of pomegranate, which takes its red color anthocyanosides , forms the envelope of the seeds the envelope of the seeds.


Amazing Health Benefits of Pomegranate


2. Curative Action


  • Internal Use

A single pomegranate provides nearly 40% of our daily requirements for vitamin C. Very rich in polyphenols (natural antioxidants), it delays the aging of cells, inhibits the development of atherosclerosis, affects hypertension and reduces the risk of cardiovascular disease.In traditional medicine, pomegranate treats erectile dysfunction, persistent cough (gargle), diarrhea, colic and fever. used as a dewormer Pomegranate juice (extracted from its pink seeds) is used in internal cleansing cures, intended to facilitate weight loss.


  • Usual Therapeutic Indications

It helps to reduce systolic blood pressure and is highly concentrated in polyphenols, it could have a positive effect arthritis on cardiovascular diseases, especially cancer of the heart. prostate and breast and certain cancers.


Amazing Health Benefits of Pomegranate


  • Other Therapeutic Indications Demonstrated

According to the results of several studies conducted on humans and animals, pomegranate could delay the development of prostate development of urinary and digestive cancers. It would slow the formation of atheromatous and notably curb the cancer plaques, improve the condition of typeII diabetics (moderate) and soothe inflammatory rheumatism.


  • Uses

Pomegranate is a powerful antioxidant Capsule: 1 or 2 capsules morning, noon and evening.In fruit or juice, it will.However, a consumption of 250 to 300 ml of juice, two times a day, seems reasonable. Strongly concentrated in tannins, pomegranate increase constipation in people with intestinal laziness.


  • Conclusion

Pomegranate is a complete and well nourishing fruit which provides all essential nutrients and helps the body in fighting from harmful disease and other health problems. Pomegranate juice has many health benefits and should be consumed daily.


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