Simple With Kitchen Tips And Tricks


Simple With Kitchen Tips And Tricks


Spending time in the kitchen can be fun even for the ones who doesn’t like it. Because by simply following these kitchen tips you can reduce stress or save you time. The list of kitchen tips and tricks to make your kitchen life easier.


  • A drop of honey in tea is good for a sore throat, you can also add it to most drinks for an extra energy boost.


  • You can add cucumbers to a tossed salad, but it’s even better to make a salad of cucumbers. Make chopped salads with a base of roughly chopped cucumbers mixed with whatever else you have that needs eating-leftover-produce salads end up being some of the best because you end up with concoctions you may not have imagined otherwise-like cucumber, jicama and pear? Yum.


  • To make your own salsa, chop up tomatoes into a dish. Then, chop up sweet onions and green and red peppers. You can add chili peppers if you want an incredibly spicy salsa. Let the salsa sit in the refrigerator, so that the juices of the vegetables begin to form as a base for the salsa. Enjoy.


Simple With Kitchen Tips And Tricks


  • Want a simple and effective way to extend the shelf life of your home-made or store-bought cakes? Store them with a half an apple. It helps the cake maintain its moisture considerably longer than merely popping it in the fridge.


  • Take a tomato and dip it in batter and deep fry, just like you will fry zucchini or anything else. This will work best with small cherry tomatoes.


  • Here’s a surprising way to make french toast that is quite clever and tasty. By replacing whole milk and whole eggs with low-fat yogurt and egg whites, you remove much of the fat and swap in a little extra life. Hurray.


Simple With Kitchen Tips And Tricks


  • If your roast chicken, it tends to emerge from the oven as dry as a snow boot on a summer’s day, don’t fret. The next time you roast a chicken, stuff an apple inside the bird before placing it in the roasting pan. When it’s done cooking, toss the fruit in the trash, and get ready to sit down to a delicious – and juicy – main course.


  • Yes, you’ve heard of putting mayonnaise and tomatoes on a sandwich. You may even have blended honey and mayonnaise together to make a honey mayonnaise. Now, you simply blend tomatoes into a puree, and then mix with mayonnaise. You can add some light seasoning as well, such as italian seasoning or oregano.


  • Add to coffee with cardamom for a Middle Eastern hot drink. Combine pineapples, oranges, mangoes and other yellow and orange fruits with ice, low-fat yogurt and milk for a sunny, eye-opening smoothie.


Note: Check your allergy prior using any ingredient and consult your doctor if anything goes wrong.


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