The Health Benefits Of Zea Mays


The Health Benefits Of Zea Mays


1/ Overview

Cereal grown all over the world , maize is native to the Andes and , more probably , from Peru It is grown by sowing in the spring . Ripe ears and beards are harvested in summer , before being separated then dry.

2/ Description of  the plant

THE BASIS OF FOOD IN CENTRAL AMERICA AND SOUTH AMERICA FOR 4 000 YEARS , maize also has many medicinal applications . In the Aztecs , the decoction of corn kernels treated dysentery and stimulated the rise of milk in women The beards ( hair of the corn wrapped around the ear ) are the part most used by the phytotherapists , especially for diseases of the urinary system.



3/ Curative action

Maize has various health benefits, it offers protection against numerous long-term diseases. The B-complex vitamins in maize are good for skin, hair, heart, brain, and proper digestion. The presence of vitamins A, C, and K together with beta-carotene and selenium helps to improve the functioning of thyroid gland and immune system.



  • Production of bile:

Corn stimulates the production of bile and facilitates its flow into the bile ducts.


  • Circulatory disorders:

In China, tests have indicated that corn may help lower blood pressure and reduce clotting time.


  • Native American remedy:

The American Indians treated a whole series of evils with corn kernels The Maya and the Incas applied a corn poultice on bruises, bumps and burns According to Vogel, the Chickasaws Indians treated prunts (sores due to itching) by placing the affected area above the smoke released by burning old ears.


  • Urinary disorders:

Corn is an effective diuretic in most unary conditions, thanks in particular to its high potassium content II remarkably increases the volume of unnes, relieves inflammation of the bladder In addition, it reduces the number of urination (unner action) and the post-voiding residue, responsible for the feeling of not having completely emptied his bladder.


  • Kidney stones:

Corn will prevent the formation of kidney stones and relieve pain from already formed stones.


  • Cystitis:

Corn relieves chronic cystitis and effectively complements the treatment of acute cystitis.


  • Uses:

The infusion of beards is calming In drinking 500 ml per day in case of cystitis. Decoction of grains To be applied as a poultice on wounds and pustules.



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