Kigelia Africana


Kigelia Africana


1.      History and use


Kigelia africana is a magical plant especially for the treatment of infertility. The fruits of a particular form are used to make the breasts of girls grow. This can be seen as a verification of the ‘theory of signatures’ It being given the suggestive form of these fruits.


2.      Description of the plant


It is a tree that can reach 10 to 15 meters in height, its trunk and its branches are tortuous, the leaves are imparipinnate, the flowers are purple with yellow streaks, the fruits are characteristic in the shape of a sausage rounded with two ends and carrying many seeds.


Kigelia Africana


3.      Curative action


It is the pulp of ripe fruit that boils in water gives a solution used in friction to make the breasts grow. Curiously the only substances found in the fruit are sterols whose structure is similar to those of hormones responsible for this phenomenon.


4.      Uses


Small boobs Boil the pulp of a fruit in 200 ml of water and rub the breasts morning and evening.


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