The Benefits Of This Miracle Kalanchoe Pinnata


The Benefits Of This Miracle Kalanchoe Pinnata


1.      Low sperm count


If you are a man and you have difficulty getting a woman pregnant because after the tests at the hospital your sperm count is too low. Look for this plant in very large quantity, wash cleanly then put them in a mortar to pound, in order to extract the juice, do everything to obtain the juice for 1 Liter.

That’s why I said saying to look for a very large quantity. Once the quantity is obtained, start by drinking a small glass of liquor each day until you finish the liter. After that, go back to the hospital to repeat the exams. You will be amazed at the result.


2.      Earache


If you suffer from earaches, put the leaf in the fire a few minutes later, squeeze the juice into your ears, and the pain will subside in the next few minutes.


3.      Headache


It also calms the headaches atrocious You choose the sheet which is a little large and a little big, you put it near the fire so that it becomes a little soft. You take it back and then put it on your forehead, and in the minutes that follow, the headaches will calm down.


4.      Coughing problems and other respiratory


Coughing and other respiratory problems: pass 2 or 3 leaves in the fire and after it is well inflated, squeeze the juice into half a glass of water and drink 1 times a day for 3 days, you will give us new ones.


5.      The cold


Heat a leaf and as soon as it softens and is full of water, you wring it out in the nostrils.


Harpagophytum Procumbens


6.      Red buttock


Red buttock (or red disease) in newborns: two (02) weeks after the birth of the baby, pass a leaf of the plant in a fire and squeeze the juice directly into the your baby’s mouth.


7.      The big belly


The big belly button in children: warm the leaves and massaging 2 to 3 times the belly button of the baby with.


8.      Purulent otitis


Purulent otitis and other earaches: pass a leaf on fire and then squeeze the juice into the affected ear.


9.      Urinogenital infections


Urinogenital infections: macerate in water and drink or consume leaves simply.


10.  Negative spirits


Plant it at home, keep it (1 or 2 leaves) on you, it moves away from negative spirits – in principle and especially because caution is required in this world, it is recommended not to call their real name – and other unwanted.


11.  Purifier


Macerate and bathe with, it’s a great purifier.


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