Carduus Marianus


Carduus Marianus


1.      History and use


Milk thistle is a spontaneous species spread all over Europe. It is easily propagated and prefers very dry, sunny soils. It is also grown as an ornamental plant. Its seeds are harvested at the end of summer.


2.      Description of the plant


THE CHARDON-MARY IS USED for a long time in Europe to cure the depression and the hepatic disorders. Recent researches have confirmed the traditional knowledge of the herbalists and the remarkable action of this plant against poisoning of the liver by the alcohol and others. Toxic substances Today, milk thistle is used in the West to treat many liver diseases.


Carduus Marianus


3.      Curative action


  • Traditional uses


In the past, we used the flower heads of milk thistle boiled like artichokes, to tone the body in the spring, after deficiencies in fresh vegetables of the winter. The flowers were also used to stimulate the secretion of breast milk and fight against depression, which was attributed to liver disorders. In his treatment of herbal medicine of 1597, Gerard describes milk thistle as the best medicinal plant to treat all diseases of the liver. melancholy.


  • Liver disorders


In Western countries, milk thistle is now the main plant used in herbal medicine for the renewal of its cells. It heals hepatitis and jaundice and all kinds of diseases liver- infection, alcohol abuse. In the case of anti- cancer chemotherapy, milk thistle mitigates the harmful effects of chemotherapy on the liver and eliminates the side effects of treatment faster.


4.      Uses


Seed Decoction Against liver infections, drink 2 cups a day.

The tincture of seeds is effective against chronic liver disorders.

Capsules di graines Against the hangover take a capsule of 500 mg.


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