The 7 Benefits Of Avocado Kernels


The 7 Benefits Of Avocado Kernels


1.   It boosts your immune system by fighting germs and other pests


Farewell angina and rhino-pharyngitis that tape us to bed! Because know that the avocado is first and foremost a natural antioxidant.


2.   It regulates your thyroid


If you have problems with your thyroid, it can largely help you regulate it by consuming the kernel assiduously orally in infusion or powder, for example.


3.   In case of skin problems, it is quite possible to apply avocado kernel on your skin


Rich in collagen, the core provides elasticity to your skin, but it also hydrates. Better than a night cream, in short: the perfect ally for the rejuvenation of your face!


4.   We do not talk enough about it, and yet intestinal problems can ruin a daily life


Consuming the kernel of a lawyer can profoundly solve these worries that sometimes ruin our lives.


The 7 Benefits Of Avocado Kernels


5.   With avocado kernel, burn your fat


Rich in soluble fiber, the avocado kernel also gives the person who eats it a quick feeling of fullness. Finished, big cravings and untimely snacks! And as a bonus, you lose weight.


6.   The avocado kernel is also an anti- tumor


Indeed, its high content of flavonol would act against the presence of cancer cells.


7.   An alternative for asthmatics


And finally, if you have asthma, you can use it as a natural dietary supplement from time to time. You will see improvements


How to consumer the avocado kernels?


  • As an infusion: Simply boil your kernel in 1 liter of water for about 10 minutes before allowing the mixture to about 10 minutes before allowing the mixture to cool. Consume it later in the day. It is certainly not very appetizing, because a bit bitter, but think of the results! You will not regret it.


  • In powder form: Remove the thin skin that covers the core and grate it. Then grill it: it will take a dark red color. This powder is ideal as a seasoning in your salads, soups or other dishes that are suitable.


  • In the form of paste for the skin: After forming your powder, add warm water gradually to form a paste. Let stand between 5 and 10 minutes to dry some skin areas, for example.


  • As a medicine: The kernels is also a great ally for rheumatism and big migraines! It is not … recommended that you isolate yourself in a dark, silent room so that the pain starts gradually, but the core can be kneaded and macerated for one week in alcohol before using it. Massage your temples with the resulting mixture. The pain will go faster.


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