Reason You Need To Beet Juice


Reason You Need To Beet Juice


Of the same family as spinach, beetroot is made up of softer roots and edible leaves a bit bitter. Many people are unaware that Beet leaves are edible Whether in juice, raw or cooked, enjoy the benefits of beet. Regarding beet juice, it has been used for centuries as a medicine to heal, relieve, beautify.


1.   An ally in the prevention of cancer


Therapist Alexander Feraczi used raw beetroot in 1950 to treat and completely cure a cancer patient, who had already done chemo treatment without success.

New studies have also shown the positive impact of beet on tumors and leukemia.Two patients tested have situation improve months seen their significantly consumption.


2.   Your hair beauty with beet juice


Beet juice with all the nutrients it contains promotes hair growth, protects the scalp and repairs hair damage. Beet (rhizome) or leaves for your shampoos.Make juice concentrates mixed with henna that you apply from the root to the tip of the hair. Leave for about twenty minutes before shampooing. By regularly drinking beet juice, you can improve the beauty and health of your hair.


3.   Weight loss with beet juice


Beet juice is also used for weight loss, as it is packed with minerals and vitamins that melt fat. Antioxidant to which the beet owes its purplish color) avoids the oxidation of LDL cholesterol as well as the deposition of fat on the walls of the arteries. Several beet juice diets exist to confirm this fact. The beet juice must be consumed two to three times a day. In the morning on an empty stomach and 20 minutes before the main meals.

In general beet juice diets should not go beyond a week, it consists of cleaning the body of toxins and melting the accumulated fat over time.


4.   For strong bones and muscles


Composed of mineral silica that helps to fix calcium in our bones, teeth, muscles, beet juice must be incorporated into the diet from a young age age and also to old age. This to allow a better assimilation of the calcium by the sensitive ages and to better prevent the health problems related to the bones.


5.   Protection of the digestive system


The alcaine is an antioxidant that promotes acidity in the stomach, which is why it is advisable to drink beet juice 20 minutes before meals. Acidity levels control bacteria in the intestinal flora. In addition, very rich in soluble fiber, beet juice will help you better regulate your transit, delivering you frequent constipations.


6.   Detox juice


Beet contains potent antioxidants that work to protect your body from toxins and many more. Of course, in many ways, beet juice can be a detox juice, and pectin in beet juice helps your body cleanse itself of heavy metals.Moreover, thanks to the betacyanine it contains, beet juice protects your body from the accumulation of fat  on the walls of your arteries.


Reasons Why You Should Beet Juice


7.   Hypertension protecting cardiovascular and disease


A first study conducted on rats confirmed that the high concentration of nitrate in the beet substantially reduce hypertension in these animals. The study then focused on humans over 50. It confirmed the importance of nitrate in beet to lower and stabilize blood pressure. The beet also protects against the risk of cardiovascular disease and others of the genre.


8.   For a beautiful skin


The Betaine and anthocyanin contained in the beet juice guarantee a beautiful skin.


9.   A powerful anti-inflammatory


The anthocyanins (potent antioxidants) contained in the beet are also an anti- inflammatory drug used for medical purposes. In case of arthritis think beet juice to relieve their pain. The Romans took beet juice to relieve their pain.


10.   Against stress and nervous breakdowns


Betaine contained in beet protects enzymes, proteins and cells from environmental stress, allowing better assimilation of these elements by our body.


11.   An ally for blood circulation


Rich in iron and silica, beet juice protects you from anemia and iron deficiency. Beetroot is one of the few nutrients that contains nitrate, a facilitates nutrient that blood circulation, because nitrate in the body is converted into nitric oxide, which will enlarge the blood vessels. In ancient times, the Romans used it as a powerful aphrodisiac. Dilate the walls, facilitate blood flow to the genitals


12.   Beet juice for the health of your


Everyday beet juice revitalizes your body through pregnancy. Beet juice is very rich (vitamin B9), but this the formation of the spinal cord of your fetus. Folic acid paramount importance for the formation of tissues.

lt regulates your metabolism, prevents osteoporosis, makes your immune system stronger. Many women are prone to hypertension or diabetes for the first time during their pregnancy. This juice will please you even more, because it prevents you from edema. We all know how much pregnancy edema at the level of members we worry and we indisposed.





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