Allium Sativum


Allium Sativum


History and use


Originally from Central Asia, garlic grows everywhere. It’s cultivated by dividing the bulb. Aly appreciated in cooking, is grown for commercial purposes.


Description of the plant


Garlic is the medicinal plant par excellence II is safe for domestic use and is effective in treating a multitude of health problems it fights infections of the nose, throat and bronchi, reduces the rate of cholesterol and soothes circulatory disorders, such as hypertension, hypoglycemic. Garlic is a valuable dietary supplement for diabetics.


Allium Sativum


Curative action


  • A traditional remedy: Before the invention of antibiotics 1 garlic treated all kinds of diseases, from tuberculosis to typhoid. It was also used to heal wounds during the First World War.


  • Bronchial diseases: Garlic is excellent for bronchial infections and colds, flu and ear infections.


  • The digestive tract: Garlic heals diseases of the digestive system It rids the body of intestinal parasites.


  • Circulation: Garlic prevents circulatory disorders prevents their development by thinning the blood It reduces cholesterol levels.


  • Other uses: Garlic works against infections, it enhances the action of chemical antibiotics and avoids side effects. Reducing blood glucose, garlic can help patients with fatty diabetes.




  • Garlic syrup: Against cough, take a c to c every 3 hours.


  • Garlic cloves chopped: Use regularly in the kitchen to reduce cholesterol and strengthen the immune system.


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