Health Benefits of Camellia Sinensis


Health Benefits of Camellia Sinensis




Cultivated in Asia for millennia, green tea is one of the fundamental elements of traditional Asian medicine, in general, and Chinese in particular. Green tea has always been used for its stimulating virtues, but also for its action effective against digestive infections.

It is contains traditionally used to fight against migraines. Finally, green tea has always been used in herbal medicine for its diuretic action. Traditional medicine advises against it in case of pregnancy, do breastfeeding, insomnia and urinary problems, such urination as frequent.




Green tea, or virgin tea, is an evergreen shrub native to the Far East, it can grow up to 30 m in height, but in cultivation it is usually maintained at a height of about 1, 5 m, produces fragrant white flowers, depending on the variety, its leaves, dark green, can measure from 3 to 20 cm and have a shiny or matte appearance. These are the young leaves and buds of green tea that are used in phytotherapy, because they offer a higher concentration of active substances. The black tea is obtained by fermentation of these parts.


Health Benefits of Camellia Sinensis




Internal Use


  • Stimulant: against fatigue Promotes


  • Weight loss: treatments against obesity and reduction of cholesterol Beneficial action in the fight against


  • Effect: effective antidiabetic stimulates the cancer Antioxidant Hypoglycemic immune system, prevents the flu and colds. Fight against aging and against cognitive against and liver disorders Preventive action cardiovascular diseases, cancer disorders Prevention of cavities and oral infections.


Usual Therapeutic Indications


Because of its high levels of caffeine and vitamin C, green tea is a stimulant used to fight fatigue, and tea consumption promotes weight loss, particularly in the case of treatments against obesity, and reduces the cholesterol level, thanks to the antioxidant action of polyphenols. The green tea, containing fluorine, participates in the prevention of caries.

Its hypoglycemic effect in is an effective antidiabetic drug, it stimulates the immune system and prevents the flu and colds, flavans contribute to the fight against aging and cognitive disorders. Its preventive action is effective against cardiovascular diseases, cancer and disorders His antioxidants are also antagonistic to the agents responsible for Alzheimer’s disease.


Health Benefits of Camellia Sinensis




Presentations of tea to be used in infusion are very varied: dried whole leaves, tea bags, soluble tea, black tea with fermented leaves, oxidized or semi-oxidized tea (yellow tea, white tea and Oolong) modify. Its properties Green tea is also available in the form of extracts and capsules. In the latter case, it is essential to respect the prescribed doses.

As part of a slimming diet, green tea infusions should be drunk daily, because the action of its active ingredients does not exceed twenty-four hours. They will be taken, preferably, half an hour before meals in order to optimize their appetite suppressant action and limit their effects on iron absorption, it is also best to avoid drinking at night because caffeine can induce insomnia.


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