Maintaining Health With the Hot Method in Summer


Maintaining Health With the Hot Method in Summer

It is no joke that summer calls for a hot maintenance regime for proper health. Many may think it seems more sensible to balance with a cold approach to combat the summer heat. The truth is our pores are readily open during summer months. Cold wind and air get into our skin easily and make us more susceptible to illness. Keeping the summer hot is the correct way to go, according to traditional Chinese medicine (TCM).

Hot tea versus a cold drink

Young people love cold drinks in summer, however, the best thirst quencher is actually hot tea, especially the light and refreshing types. It is well-documented that ancient Chinese drank hot tea in summer to dispel the heat inside their bodies. The mechanism works so that the tea triggers the skin to sweat so as to expel the excessive heat in the body.

Sweating versus air-conditioning

Proper health is to live in accord with the seasons — take in the cold challenge in winter and bear with the heat in summer. Technology changes our lifestyles so now we live in cool rooms in summer and warm ones in winter. Nevertheless, the price you pay for an easy life is a weakened body that falls victim to sickness easily. Summer is a sweating season. Tune your body to sweat and you will see how light it will get.

Maintaining Health With the Hot Method in Summer

A hot foot spa versus a cold shower

The good benefits of a hot foot spa are multiple. It clears the circulatory system and improves metabolism, as well as repairing cells. It can strengthen the spleen, which is weakened by the heat and dampness in summer. It freshens up the spirit, promotes appetite, and improves sleep.

A ginger drink versus cold dishes

Many people enjoy eating cold dishes in the summer. Some even cool them in the refrigerator before eating. In fact, cold food is as bad as a cold drink to the digestive system. A better choice is a sweetened ginger drink. Simply boil ginger and jujube in water for a while and add some brown sugar. It serves to dispel the heat and dampness and nourishes the stomach and spleen.

Maintaining Health With the Hot Method in Summer

Points to note

Women with a cold constitution should be even more cautious to stay away from cold. They should make sure to keep their back and lower body warm and avoid exposing a bare midriff.

To deal with the heat in summer, people love to eat cold things such as cold drinks, cold appetizers, and ice-cream. Due to the hot weather, some even replace their main meal with cooled watermelon. They don’t realize that the more they eat, the more harm they do to their own body as a result.

Washing the head or feet with cold water or taking a cold shower after sports or exercise may seem refreshing, but the fact is cold can get into the body. Staying in an air-conditioned room right after sports or exercise causes the same harm.

Summer diet: Try these herbs to stay cool

Maintaining Health With the Hot Method in Summer

  •  Mint

During the summer season, you should prepare detox drinks as these can help you get rid of toxins. You can prepare a detox with mint leaves. In a jar of water add cucumber, your favourite fruits and mint leaves. You can grow mint leaves at home and use them every day.

  •  Amla

Amla is loaded with vitamin C. It leaves a cooling effect on your digestive system. It is a very powerful herb that can boost immunity and provide you multiple nutrients. Amla is good for diabetics as well. It can help control blood pressure too. Adding amla to your diet is quite simple. You can try amla juice, amla candy or simply eat it raw.

  • Sandalwood

Sandalwood also leaves a cooling effect on your body. This herb can be turned into a paste to apply on skin. It will help you fight skin issues as well as keep you cool.


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