How to make a microwave pudding


How to make a microwave pudding

A delicious, comforting and elegant french dessert. Caramel Custard is an easy pudding-like recipe that is now popular all over India, made especially in coastal cities and Portuguese colonies like Goa.
This golden custard is made out of eggs, milk and sugar that too in a microwave in absolutely no time. You can serve it both warm or cold. A decadent dessert made under 30 minutes, just the perfect dish to indulge in!


-Straining the pudding mixture while pouring it into the mug will create a smooth texture and increase the taste.
-Adjust the microwaving time based on the size and depth of the mug.
-This is a mildly sweet recipe, so you can increase the amount of sugar if you like. Recipe by Fuwarinka


Purin pudding is a Japanese egg custard pudding, similar to a flan. The pudding is made with eggs, milk and sugar, served chilled with caramel sauce.
Like most Japanese desserts, purin pudding is much lighter and not as sweet as traditional flan or custard pudding. It’s often enjoyed as an afternoon snack. It has a silky, creamy light texture. On its own, the pudding has very little sugar. However, it is served with a caramel sauce to add sweetness.



• To get the custard shape, you will need a microwave-safe ramekin, kitchen prep bowl, or similar bowl that can hold about 8 oz of liquid. You want a circular bowl with a flat bottom. The top of the bowl should be slightly wider than the bottom of the bowl, to achieve the pudding shape.

• The bowl needs a flat bottom so that the caramel syrup can sit on top of it.
• The top of the bowl needs to be wider than the bottom because when the bowl is flipped upside down, some of the syrup will run down the custard, flavoring the entire custard.
• You will also need a fine mesh strainer to strain the custard batter through.


Cooking caramel sauce in the microwave can be a little tricky. If you cook it too long or with too much power, the caramel will burn.

• To make sure the caramel doesn’t burn, you need to set your microwave cooking power to 500 watts.
• Microwave it initially for 2 minutes. This will get the caramel syrup hot but it should still be clear in color. Then you microwave at 10 second intervals so you don’t overcook it.
• When the caramel starts to turn an amber brown, that is when it is ready. You do not need to wait for all of it to turn completely brown, only about half of it. You will swirl it around to make the color uniform.
• The caramel will harden quickly after it is removed from the microwave. It will soften and turn back into liquid when you put the custard on top.

How to make a microwave pudding



• 120 ml whole milk
• 1 large egg
• 1 tbsp granulated white sugar
• 1 tbsp granulated white sugar


  1.  First, make the caramel sauce. Add 1 tbsp granulated sugar and 1 tsp water to your microwave safe bowl. Stir until sugar dissolves completely into the water.
  2. Set your microwave cooking power to 500 watts. Microwave caramel sauce for 2 minutes. Stop microwave and then microwave at 10 second intervals (still at 500 watts), checking the sauce after each 10 seconds, until caramel starts to turn color. About half of the sauce should turn a light amber color while the rest remains clear. (It should take between 3 minutes to 3 1/2 minutes total cooking time including initial 2 minutes to reach this color).
  3. Working quickly, remove sauce from microwave and swirl a few times until the color evens out. Allow caramel to harden.
  4.  While caramel is setting, make the custard. In a small bowl, add custard ingredients and whisk until smooth.
  5.   Pour custard through a fine mesh strainer and into bowl. The custard should sit on top of the hardened caramel.
  6.  Set your microwave to 500 watts cooking power again. Microwave custard for about 2 minutes and 30 seconds. The top of the custard should be hardened and no longer liquid. If custard is not completely cooked, you can cook another 30 seconds.
  7.  Place custard into the fridge to set for at least 2 hours or until completely chilled. While custard is chilling, it will develop some water around it. This is normal. Do not drain the water out because it will mix with the caramel sauce so that there is enough sauce to cover the custard and plate.
  8.  When ready to eat, place a plate over the bowl. Flip bowl upside down so that the custard falls onto the plate. The custard should slide out and the caramel sauce should pour over the cake.



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