Crown-cap ‘Tik-Tiki’


Crown-cap ‘Tik-Tiki’

The tutorial makes a nice cricket sound with bottle caps, rubber bands, buttons and some thread. You will hear a sound like a cricket.

  • Cut a small rubber band and weave it through a shirt buttonhole Tie a knot in the two ends of the rubber band.
  • Take a 50-cm long piece of thick string Tie a series of knots along the whole length of the string. The distance between the knots should be 2 to 3-cm. Tie one end of the string to the button- hole.
  • Stretch the rubber band and slide it on a soda water bottle cap.
  • Hold the cap in your left hand. Gently press the string with your right thumb and index finger, and run them along the length of the string. At each knot the fingers slow down and the button hits the cap and mak es a metallic tap. As the hand runs along the string there will be a series of tik-tikis.



Source: Arvind Gupta

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