Cajanus Cajan


Cajanus Cajan


1.      History and use


The plant is used in traditional medicine as antidiarrheal.This plant native to India is grown in all tropics for food (seeds).


2.      Description of the plant


It is a plant that can reach 3 meters in height, the leaves are made up of 3 leaflets, the flowers are yellowish brown, the fruit is a linear pod that contains several seeds.


Cajanus Cajan


3.      Curative action


It is the tannins that are responsible for the antidiarrheal action. On the other hand, a seed extract of Cajanus cajan showed anti-panicle action. The red blood cells of patients who are sickle-shaped (sickle-shaped) become round again if you add an extract of the plant.


4.      Uses


Diarrhea In the presence of diarrhea, make a decoction of 15 grams of leaves in one liter of water and drink in the day.


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