Euphorbia Hirta


Euphorbia Hirta


1.      History and use


In Asia and some African countries like Nigeria, this plant is known as a medicine for asthma, bronchitis and respiratory diseases. In West Africa, Euphorbia hirta is mainly known as galactagogue and antidysenteric. It is from its indications that we have been able to verify the action and isolate certain chemical constituents responsible for these uses. Ephorbia hirta is part of the composition of some dilatory bronchial specialties and has already been marketed by a European laboratory as antiamibien. Since 1985, this plant has been listed in the African Pharmacopoeia published by the Organization of African Unity (OAU).


2.      Description of the plant


It is a small grass with a upright or upright stalk that does not exceed 40 cm high and grows on the roadsides in all climatic regions. The leaves are oval, mostly reddish. The flowers are small and yellowish. This plant is found throughout Africa, especially on the side of roads and tracks in all climatic regions.


Euphorbia Hirta



3.      Curative action


The toxicity of this plant has been very well studied. It takes the equivalent of 1 g of plant to kill intra- peritoneally grams. Organically, the extract is devoid of toxicity and can be added at a dose of 5 percent to the rat diet without causing problems. The plant is known for three main actions that are found all tropical countries: a mouse of 30 in antiasthmatic, antidiarrheal and antiamibian.


4.      Uses


 Antiamoebic Antidiarrheal Anti-asthmatic Euphorbia hirta can be easily used to remove amebiasis or dysentery by drinking three days in a row a decoction of 100 grams of plant in the body. Similarly, this preparation eliminates asthma attacks by dilation of the bronchi. The tolerance of this preparation is very good and has never given rise to intolerance while some commercial products especially antiamibians are very poorly supported by some sick.


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