Benefits & How to Use Calendula officinalis


Benefits & How to Use Calendula officinalis




A native of southern Europe, the concern is grown in the temperate regions of the world Multiplying by seed, it grows on almost all types of soil in summer, from hatching, the flowers are picked and dried in the shade.




The concern BELONGS PLANT best known to Western herbal medicine Its petals are effective in cases of inflammation and skin irritation because their healing and antiseptic properties prevent the risk of infection and accelerate the guénson.. Marigold is also a purifying and draining plant that is prescribed in tinctures and infusions to treat chronic diseases.


Benefits, Uses & History of Calendula officinalis Flowers




  • Health value

The is antiseptic Some of his concern constituents are fungicides (mainly coniferous sap) antibacténens and antiviral II has a healing effect on the capillaries, which explains its effectiveness if cuts, burns, pains, and various inflammations.


  • Dermatological Remedy

The concern especially small treats skin problems. It is applied to cuts, abrasions and wounds, inflammations and sunburn. Also effective against acne and rashes, it Guent diseases such as athlete’s foot, candidiasis, ringworm, diaper rash in infants and soothes pain nipples due to breastfeeding.


  • Digestive disorders

In internal use, infused or tincture, the problem solves inflammations of the digestive system, such as gastritis or gastric ulcer.


Benefits, Uses & History of Calendula officinalis Flowers


  • Purifying Action

Care helps to eliminate waste and restore liver and gallbladder function.


  • Gynecology

The concern slightly stimulates the production of estrogen it relieves menstrual pain and regulates the menstrual cycle. Infused, it can be used in douching in case of vaginal candidiasis.




USES Infusion In cases of chronic mycosis, such as ringworm or lily of the valley, drink a cup 3 times a day.

The cream is easy to apply Apply on burns and abrasions.


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