How to Make: Kumquat Tea


How to Make: Kumquat Tea

Hot Kumquat Fruit Tea is the perfect balance of tart sweetness as the flavors of kumquats and key limes make this drink so unique. Kumquats, a small citrus fruit native to China, are packed with vitamin C. Kumquat tea is a therapeutic treatment for sore throats and for anyone who is in need of some nerves soothing.

A very simple recipe that does not include actual tea.
Kumquats, unlike other citrus fruits, is eaten whole. Yes, including the skins! They have tons of health benefits too!

How to Make: Kumquat Tea

Kumquat Fruit Tea Recipe

2 cups hot water
5 kumquats

1. Wash kumquats and slice them into halves.
2. Squeeze most of juice from each piece into a container, then toss fruit in.
3. Put the kumquats and juice into boiled water, cover and steep for a few minutes.
4. Serve hot, or let cool, refrigerate then serve with ice.

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