Have a Great Summer With This Tea


Have a Great Summer With This Tea

This tea helps to align the body’s energy with the new season.

It helps to warm up the body’s temperature and restore the body’s natural balance of yin and yang in accordance with the season.

Have a Great Summer With This Tea

Red Chinese dates

This tea drinking principle also aligns with the teachings of The Inner Classic of the Yellow Emperor (Huangdi Neijing). Drinking the tea for the recommended period of time will ensure that any sickness that may have accumulated during the winter and spring has been cleansed and this will ensure a summer free from illness.

Have a Great Summer With This Tea

Ginger can be used on its own to make a tea or added to Chinese red dates

This tea is particularly good if you suffer from the cold and are afraid of being cold all year long. Your hands and feet are always cold, and you suffer from a mixture of pain and cold in your legs and stomach. This tea can help to relieve these symptoms.

Many people fear that drinking this tea will accumulate excessive heat in the body. Drinking the tea in the morning will avoid this problem. If you do not have the cold symptoms described above, you should not drink this tea all year long, as this may lead to accumulating excessive body heat during fall and winter. However, if you don’t have a cold physique, you can still drink the tea during the recommended seasons.

Try this recipe for 2 cups of ginger and red date tea:

  1. 6 red dates
  2. A handful of goji
  3. 10 Sichuan peppercorns
  4. 4 slices of ginger

Add these ingredients to two cups of water and boil until the water turns a light reddish color, drink, and enjoy the benefits of an illness-free summer!

Translated research by Frank Fang and Kathy

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