Arctium Lappa


Arctium Lappa


1.      History and use


Originating from Europe and Asia, burdock now grows in all the temperate zones of the world. It is grown in Europe and China by sowing in the spring. The seeds are harvested in summer and the whole plant is harvested picked in the warmest of summer.


2.      Description of the plant


La bardane occupied a preponderant place in the category of depurative plants. It is used to cure the ailments due to overload of toxins, such as angina. The burdock also treats chronic dermatological problems. Its seeds rid the body of its waste, and it also seems that the root facilitates the removal of heavy metals.


Arctium Lappa


3.      Curative action


  • History

Burdock was a traditional remedy for treating febrile states, kidney stones and gout.


  • Purifying plant

Burdock is considered a purifying plant, the seeds help flush out toxins during bouts of fever or diseases such as mumps or measles. waste during chronic dermatological problems or arthritis.


  • Dermatology

Diuretic properties, antibiotics burdock treat skin problems, especially in cases where the accumulation of toxins is a factor in the development of the disease (acne, boils, abscess, eczema and psoriasis).


4.      Uses


Seed infusion Use as a lotion for acne and boils.

The decoction of root is also used for arthritis and skin problems. Drink 350 ml once a day for 4 weeks maximum.

Cataplasma of leaves Apply on abscesses and boils.





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